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Welcome to BlueConsult

forside_100509-199x300Want to learn more about effective breathing techniques, freediving, yoga or just boost your daily energy-level?

BlueConsult is specialized in optimizing your mental and physical performance and we like to do things a little bit differently. We are creative, playfull, knowledgeable and experienced in working with people from different walks of life.

The company is run by 4x Freediving World Champion, Stig Åvall Severinsen from Denmark, and supported by consultants from all over the world. Film-makers, researchers, doctors, top-athletes, pro photographers etc. Besides of freediving on a professional level, Stig also has a Master Degree in Marine Biology, a PHD in Medicine and is an experienced key-note speaker at conferences and business meetings. During the last ten years Stig has also worked as a TV-presenter on national and international programmes. His latest project has been created during the last two years and is a book about practical breathing techniques and mental training. The book is written for all breathing beeings interested in raising energy-levels and attaining a positive attitude in life. The English translation is not yet done but keep and eye on our website. Join our newsletter and get info and news first hand:

BlueConsult run courses, offer lectures and personal/company coaching and do all we can to make people more healthy and happy.



Breathing courses

Learn to breathe correclty and join all the benefits of a balanced body and mind. Learn relaxation techniques, visualization and obtain efficient practical tools to control stress and hectic life-episodes.



Mental and physical training

Learn new methods supported by scientific work and the experience of a multiple freediving world champion. BlueConsult has trained several Olympic swimmers, freediving world record holders and champions such as Carlos Coste, Sara Campbell, Guillaume Néry and William Trubridge.




Filming and photography – nature and extreme sports

Many years of experience in the ocean makes us able to get a little closer to the action – animals and people alike. We make tv-productions and also offer consultancy. See a small example with some beautiful Killer Whales here:








Courses for children and playfull people – FREEDIVING

If you want to learn new things about yourself and your surroundings, BlueConsult will offer you insights and updates on climate change and the seas. Mammalian diving reflex…what is that and why is it important? Well – we will tell you? We run courses for freedivers of all levels – but are specialized in training and coaching the worlds best freedivers to become even better! If you want to improve your technique, training programmes, stamina, flexibility or mental capacity…then contact us.



Travel and exploration

The world is such a beautiful place and we love to explore it. But for future generations to be able to enjoy what we have today serious action is needed. Therefore we aim to show how fascination Mother Nature really is – and tell how we can protect her even better each day. Listen to our lectures or come with us on a journey to learn for yourself.



Promotion, stunts and events

Need to promote or brand your company is an eye-catching and different way? Or do you want to offer your employees or clients an out-of-this-world experience with an entertaining and creative Kick-off arrangement or Company Day?




BlueConsult promise you a safe and incredible experience – why hesitate?…We don´t;)



Please feel free to contact us for booking, prices or general inquiries.

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